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Knowledge Base

  1. Video Guides 

    1. Video Guides
  2. Managing Site Settings 

    1. Sliding Banner
  3. eCreator 

    1. Create a new eCreator Course (eCreator)
    2. eCreator Templates
    3. Add a new page to an eCreator course (eCreator)
    4. Setting Images as Pop Links (eCreator)
    5. Previewing eCreator courses and pages (eCreator)
  4. Social Learning Features & Administration 

    1. Discussion Forums & Ask the Expert Quick Start Guide
    2. Administration for Discussion Forums
    3. Viewing Discussions
    4. Starting a Discussion
    5. Reply to a Discussion
  5. Content Management 

    1. Pathway Builder & Diagnostic Assessments
    2. New Find Learning User Interface
    3. Registration Rules
    4. Importing eLearning
    5. Creating New Activities
  6. MI & Reporting 

    1. Reports Homepage
    2. Creating a New Report
    3. Setting a Favourite Report
    4. Editing an existing report
    5. Scheduling Report Emails
  7. Organisation & User Administration 

    1. Creating a New Organisation
    2. Archiving and Restoring a User's Account
  8. Forms Administration 

    1. Forms Delegation
  9. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

    1. CPD within SkillsServe
  10. Webex Integration 

    1. Enabling WebEx Integration with the Webinar feature
  11. Technical Information 

    1. Minimum Technical Requirements - Learning Management System (LMS) and Content
    2. Content Maintenance Statement
    3. User Access Options
    4. Backup and Disaster Recovery
  12. Our Policies 

    1. Unicorn's Data Protection Act Policy
    2. The SkillsServe Privacy Policy
  13. All articles 

    1. User Guides
    2. Creating and Editing Assessments
    3. Creating and Managing Events
    4. Catalogues
    5. How to Award Certificates for Activities
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