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The FCA Training and Competence (T&C) regime is intended to support consumers by making sure the financial services workforce is appropriately qualified and well regulated. The regime includes a list of appropriate qualifications for firm activities and services. The content and level of these qualifications is prescribed through examination standards. Individuals must have appropriate qualifications, be assessed as competent by their firm, maintain their competence through training and meet standards of behaviour. Firms need to meet competence requirements in three principal areas: assessing competence, maintaining competence and record keeping.

Competence means having the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to discharge the responsibilities of an employee's role. This includes achieving a good standard of ethical behaviour.

The following sections provide guidance on the key issues to consider when deciding to implement the T&C functionality within ComplianceServe.


An Introduction to T&C

A Guide to Creating a T&C Scheme

T&C with ComplianceServe

Practical Instructions for Implementation

Offline Forms

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