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T&C with ComplianceServe

How ComplianceServe Supports your T&C Scheme

Once you have considered and decided on your organisation’s T&C policy, the next step is to put everything into practice within ComplianceServe. To help you do this we have designed and created a series of online forms for you to record and track the training and competence activities of your employees.

The T&C forms have been organised into two learning pathways – one for regulated roles and one for non-regulated roles. Each form follows a workflow between the manager and the employee and there is email notification to keep both parties updated of next steps in the workflow. Each form includes a target date in order that managers and employees are always aware when one to one meetings, observations and other reviews must be completed.

eLearning Content

ComplianceServe provides access to a comprehensive library of eLearning content. This ready-made suite of learning tools is developed and maintained in partnership with industry experts to ensure it covers current and emerging compliance training topics. Learning titles are organised as pathways and grouped into a number of catalogues:

  • Fundamentals (e.g. Data Protection, Information Security, Conduct Rules, Certification Regime, etc.)
  • Financial Crime (e.g. Market Abuse, Fighting Fraud, Money Laundering, Bribery and Corruption, etc.)
  • Specialist/management responsibilities (e.g. Approved Persons, COBS Appropriateness, etc.)
  • Mortgage and home finance (e.g. Advising and Lending responsibly, Preventing Mortgage Fraud, etc.)
  • Direct Debit (e.g. Managing Direct Debit, Paperless Direct Debit, etc.)

Please click here for a full list of ComplianceServe eLearning titles.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The ComplianceServe CPD tool enables you to capture details all of your learning activities, either at your desktop, or on your smartphone / tablet with our mobile app. New features enable employees and managers to see completed CPD activities against their annual target, incomplete activities that require reflective statements and planned/future activities. Activities can now be grouped together where appropriate, providing the option to make a group reflective statement.

Reports and Management Information

Administrators and supervisors have access to a comprehensive range of reports within ComplianceServe. These provide information on learner progress and usage to support the management and monitoring of learning, CPD and T&C workflows. There are also individual user reports to allow learners to view and track their progress.

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