Discussion Forums & Ask the Expert Quick Start Guide


Discussion Forums enable users to collaborate, sharing knowledge and encouraging peer to peer learning. There are a number of places within the system where a user can initiate or join a discussion thread:
  • The Pathway 
  • The activity description
  • My Activities
  • Find Learning
  • Discussions area

Discussions can take place openly with all users, just those that are registered on to an activity or with experts. Ask the Expert allows for a private discussion between the poster and any experts which have been allocated to an activity.

Viewing Discussions

The easiest place to view discussions which are already taking place is either on your home screen using the Discussions portlet or on the Discussions page which you can access via the portlet or Menu.

The Find Discussions tab contains all open discussions whether they are general or relating to an activity. The My Discussions tab will show any discussions you are involved in, including Ask the Expert discussions, and any you are following.


Click on the course title to view the full discussion thread.

There are various other ways to view discussions relating to a topic. Wherever you see one of these icons   it means discussions are taking place relating to that activity and the number will indicate how many separate discussions are taking place. Click on the icon to view the related discussions.

Replying to a Discussion

At the bottom of every discussion thread is the Your Reply text box. Type in your response then click Post Reply.

Starting a Discussion

You can start a discussion from within the Discussions page by clicking on the Start a Discussion button . Select My Activities if your discussion relates to an activity that you are registered on to; select Library if related to an activity found in the Library; or a General Discussion for all other discussions. If you choose My Activities or Library, search and select for the relevant activity. You will then be able to enter a subject which will become the title for the discussion. The subject will help other users to find the discussion so should be succinct but relevant and descriptive. You can then expand on the subject in the body of the post.

You can also start a discussion whenever you see one of these icons  . Click on the icon to start a discussion relating to the activity or pathway it is attached to.

Updating Your Profile

Your profile picture will be represented next to any posts you make. To update your profile click on your profile icon or name in the top right of your screen  where you can upload a photo and type a brief biography.

To view another user's profile simply click on their picture next to one of their posts.

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