Administration for Discussion Forums

What Can Administrators Do?

A Super Administrator is not a role which can be selected in a user's profile like other system roles but sits within a user group with higher site level permissions. This includes the permission to activate the Discussion Forums and Ask the Expert feature globally across the whole site and can set the default options about who can participate in discussions (see Enabling Discussions below).  This role is usually restricted to one or two people within an organisation as they will be able to access and manage the Site Settings.

An Administrator, which is different to a Super Administrator, is a system role which is usually responsible for the day to day overall administration of the site. A Super Administrator can allow an Administrator to enable/disable discussions, as well as manage who can participate in them, at an individual activity or pathway level. If access has been granted, they are able to act as a moderator, editing and deleting other people's posts if required and can allocate and remove experts on activities to enable private Ask the Expert discussions.

A Content Creator is a system role which creates, uploads and manages content on the site and can also be given access to enable/disable discussions at an individual activity or pathway level and manage discussions and experts in the same way as detailed for Administrator above.

NB: Please contact your Relationship manger if you think you should be a Super Administrator but aren't.

Enabling Discussions

Discussion Forums and Ask the Expert is a self-service feature, meaning it can be enabled (or disabled) by a Super Administrator. Super Administrators can also decide how discussions will behave across the whole site.

To enable discussions:

  1. From the Menu click on Site Settings.
  2. Select the Discussions tab from the menu on the left.
  3. Ensure the Enable Discussions switch is showing in the On position - this will be the option in green (see screenshot below).
  4. Choose whether discussions should be enabled on activities by default.
  5. Choose whether to enable General Discussions - these are discussions which do not relate to a specific activity.
  6. Now you can decide which roles can administer on discussions. The options are Super Administrators (default), Administrators and/or Content Creator. You can choose from any combination which suits your business requirements.
  7. Finally, you can decide who can participate on discussions on a global site level. However, this is just the default setting and can be overridden at an individual activity level. The options are:
  • All Users - anyone can view and participate in a discussion related to an activity whether they are registered on to the activity or not.
  • Registered Users - users can only view and participate in a discussion which relates to a specific activity if they are registered on to it.
  • All Users but only with assigned experts - Any user, whether they are registered with the activity or not, can participate in discussions with Experts only
  • Registered users but only with assigned experts - Only private discussions can take place between Experts and a registered user
  • Registered users and all users can view - All users can view the discussions but only users who are registered on to the activity can participate.

Once you've selected the appropriate settings, click Save.

Changing Discussion Settings on Activities

A Super Administrator needs to set who can control Discussions at an activity level in the Site Settings (see Enabling Discussions above). This can be Administrators and/or Content Creators. Once the access has been set the Administrator or Content Creator will be able to see the Discussions tab within the activity administration pages.

Within the Discussions tab you can enable or disable discussions and control who can participate in discussions. This will not change the default global site settings, just the settings for the activity. If discussions are enabled, you can choose whether to allow open discussions or to restrict the discussions to be private between Experts and a single poster only. When this option is selected, it will not be possible to start an open discussion which other users can participate in and none of the discussions will be visible to other users outside of the discussion. To change these settings click on the Change link next to the relevant option.

Allocating & Removing Experts

An Expert is typically a Subject Matter Expert who can be allocated to an activity to help respond to or guide discussions. Experts can participant in any of the open discussions or users can choose to have a private discussion with them. If more than one Expert is allocated to an activity then the discussion is between all the experts and the original poster. To allocate a new Expert to an activity, start typing the expert's name into the Search and add users... field then select the relevant person from the list.

NB: Any user can be allocated as an expert providing they have an account on the LMS.

To remove an expert, click on the cross to the right of their name and profile.

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