Viewing Discussions


Discussion Forums enable users to collaborate, sharing knowledge and encouraging peer to peer learning. There are a number of places within the system where a user can initiate or join a discussion thread:

  • The Pathway
  • The activity description
  • My Activities
  • Find Learning
  • Discussions area

Depending on the site or activity settings, discussions can take place openly with all users; just those that are registered on to an activity; or with experts. Ask the Expert allows for a private discussion between the original author and any experts which have been allocated to an activity.

Discussions Portlet and Discussions Page

On your Home Page is a Discussions portlet which lists the 5 most recently active open discussions whether they are general or relate to a specific activity. Click on a discussion title to view that discussion or click on View all Discussions to go to the Discussions page. You can also access the Discussions page via the Menu.

On the Discussions page you will see two tabs, Find Discussions and My Discussions.

Find Discussions

Under Find Discussions you can view all open discussions whether they are general (if enabled) or relating to a specific activity. The discussions will be listed with the most recently active discussion at the top of the list.

The Search field allows you to type in keywords to find relevant discussions or you can filter using the Library. This will display only those discussions which relate to activities within that library. If there are no discussions relating to a Library you will not see the filter option.

Here is a breakdown of the different sections of a post in this view.

  1. The author's profile picture - clicking on the author's profile picture will display their name and their biography.
  2. The title of the post - click on this to view the full post and replies.
  3. Whether it is an Open Discussion or an Ask the Expert discussion - users will only be able to see Open Discussions in this view but Administrators may see discussions between users and experts for moderation purposes.
  4. You will be able to read the first couple of lines of the original post. Click on the course title to view the full post and all replies.
  5. Tags associated with this post if related to a specific pathway, catalogue and library.
  6. The name of the author and when the discussion was first posted. Clicking on the author's name will show you their name and biography.
  7. Displays when the last action took place on this post
  8. Total number of replies

My Discussions

The My Discussions tab sits behind the Find Discussions tab and lists all discussions you have posted or replied to whether open or with an expert, including if you are an expert, and discussions which you are following. Ticking the Ask the experts filter will only display the discussions between you and an expert, or you and a user in the case that you are the expert.

Activity Related Discussions

While browsing activities in the Library or activities you have been assigned already in My Activities, you may see one of these icons . This means there are discussions taking place which relate to that activity or to the activities within a pathway. When you launch a pathway which is presented using an image and route map layout you may see the icon again in the top right of the image. The number indicates how many separate discussions are taking place. To view the discussions, click on the icon. This will take you to your Find Discussions tab filtered to only show related discussions.

You can also see related discussions when viewing activity descriptions or when a pathway is presented in the tabular layout. The Related Discussions box will appear on the right of your screen and above that you will be able to see if any Experts have been allocated to that activity.

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