Starting a Discussion

There are a number of places within the system where a user can initiate or join a discussion thread:
  • The Discussions pages
  • Within a Pathway 
  • Within an activity description page
  • My Activities
  • Find Learning

The Discussion Pages

You can navigate to the Discussion pages by clicking on the Discussions portlet on your Home Page or via the Menu. From here you can view and reply to other discussions or initiate one of your own.

To start a new discussion:

  1. Click on the green Start a Discussion button at the top right of the page.
  2. Select the type of discussion you wish to start:
    • My Activities - link the discussion to an activity that you are registered on. When you select this option, start typing in the search box to find the relevant activity and select from the list.
    • Library - link the discussion to an activity found in the Library. When you select this option, start typing in the search box to find the relevant activity and select from the list.
    • General Discussion - an open discussion which isn't linked to any specific activity. This option will not be visible if it hasn't been enabled on the site.

  1. You will then be able to enter a subject which will become the title for the discussion. The subject will help other users to find the discussion so should be succinct but relevant and descriptive. You can then expand on the subject in the body of the post.
  2. If an expert is available, you will be able to choose whether the discussion is an open discussion for anyone to respond to or a private discussion between yourself and the experts. If an activity has been restricted to just Ask the Expert discussions the Open Discussions option will be greyed out. If there are no experts allocated to the activity, or it is a General Discussion, the Ask the Expert option will be greyed out.

Find Learning, My Activities and Route Map Pathways

When browsing for an activity in the Library or an activity you have been assigned in My Activities, you may see one of these icons . You may also see it when you launch a pathway if the pathway is presented using the image and route map layout (see below). This means there are currently no discussions taking place relating to the activity but clicking on the icon will allow you to start one. If discussions are already taking place you will see a number indicating how many separate discussions there are relating to the activity.

Activity Description Pages & Tabular Pathways

When viewing a pathway which uses the tabular layout out and on activity description pages (when you click on an activity title in the Library) you will see a Related Discussions section on the right of the page as well as any experts if they have been allocated to the activity. To view and reply to a discussion which is already taking place, click on the discussion title. To start a new discussion, click on the Start a Discussion button. 


Discussions Etiquette

Your own organisation may have its own policy and guidelines for correct etiquette when participating in Discussion Forums but here are a few points to consider:

  • Do not swear or use aggressive language
  • Keep discussions professional and polite
  • Treat discussions in the same way that you would a conversation in person
  • Remember it is easy to misunderstand the tone of written communication - reread your posts in the view of the recipient
  • Keep replies relevant and on-topic

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