Reply to a Discussion

Participation Settings

Whether you can reply to a discussion depends on how the site or activity has been set up. Participation settings can be applied as any of the following:

  • All Users - anyone can view and participate in a discussion related to an activity whether they are registered on to the activity or not.
  • Registered Users - users can only view and participate in a discussion which relates to a specific activity if they are registered on to it.
  • All Users but only with assigned experts - Any user, whether they are registered with the activity or not, can participate in discussions with Experts only
  • Registered users but only with assigned experts - Only private discussions can take place between Experts and a registered user
  • Registered users and all users can view - All users can view the discussions but only users who are registered on to the activity can participate

If you are unable to contribute to an open discussion, please contact your Administrator.

Reply to a Discussion

To reply to a discussion you must first view the full thread by clicking on the discussion title.

The original post will always appear at the top of the page and then the replies will be in a consecutive order with the oldest at the top and the most recent at the bottom. Ensure you read all the replies first then when you reach the end of the discussion you will see a Your Reply text box.

Write your reply and then click on Post Reply.

Comment on a Reply

It is possible to add inline comments to other replies within a discussion thread. To comment on another reply, click on the Add a comment link below the relevant reply. Type your comment in the box and click on Post Comment.

Editing and Deleting a Post

It is only possible to edit and delete your own posts unless you have administrator access to moderate on posts. To edit or delete your own post, click on the Edit post or Delete post link below it.

If editing the post make the necessary changes then click on Save. If you select Delete post, the system will ask you to confirm the action. If you are sure you want to proceed, click on the Delete button.

Email Notifications

You will be notified by email whenever there is an update to a discussion you are participating in or following. The email notifications are sent every 15 minutes and will provide a summary of all discussions and updates within the one email. The email will detail the type of discussion (open or Ask the Expert), what activity it relates to or if it is a general discussion and will contain a link to take you directly to the Discussion.

Unfollow a Discussion

If you are no longer interested in a discussion and want to stop receiving notifications when there are further replies, you can 'unfollow' the discussion. To do this click on the discussion title and click on the Following button in the top right of the screen (it will change to Unfollow when you hover over the button).

Discussions Etiquette

Your own organisation may have its own policy and guidelines for correct etiquette when participating in Discussion Forums but here are a few points to consider:

  • Do not swear or use aggressive language
  • Keep discussions professional and polite
  • Treat discussions in the same way that you would a conversation in person
  • Remember it is easy to misunderstand the tone of written communication - reread your posts in the view of the recipient
  • Keep replies relevant and on-topic

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