Participating in Discussions as an Expert

What is an Expert?

Any user who has an account on the LMS can be allocated as an expert to an activity but typically they will be a Subject Matter Expert who can share their expertise and respond to the more technical queries within the discussions.

You can have more than one expert allocated to an activity and either Expert can contribute to the open discussions or be involved with private Ask the Expert discussions.

All experts will be able to view the discussion as well as the original author and any administrators who have been given access to administer discussion. However the discussion will be private from all other users.

How Ask the Expert Discussions Work

When a user starts a discussion relating to a specific activity (either from My Activities or the Library) they will be able to view whether any experts have been allocated to the activity. They can then choose the Ask the Expert option when composing their post.

The experts will receive an email notification that someone has started a discussion and will detail which activity it relates to and that it is an Ask the Expert discussion. Clicking on the link in the email will take you straight to the discussion where you can type your reply which can be viewed by the author and any other experts.

My Discussions

When viewing My Discussions, you can filter your view by just those involving an expert, this includes where you are the expert, making them easier to monitor and respond to. To apply the filter tick the Ask the experts option under the Filters section on the left.

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