Creating a Document Activity

Documents, such as Policies, Announcements and Presentations, can be added to your Learning Management System ("LMS") as activities.  They can then remain as stand alone activities or can be included in pathways.

Once a user has viewed the document, they can update their progress within the LMS recording how long they spent viewing the document.

If you are using the CPD feature of your LMS, online document activities can be set up to automatically record CPD on a user's CPD Log.

To upload a document, go to Content Manager and click Create and select New Document.

You can upload any file type which is listed in the supported file extensions or link to a web based document by copying and pasting the url.

Uploading a file

Please note that the maximum file size for uploading is 330MB. Should you wish to upload a file larger than this, please contact the Helpdesk.

To upload a file, ensure the Upload a file option is selected from the New Document window then click on Choose file to locate your file.

The Name field will be automatically populated but can be amended at this point or later in the document details if required. Next click on Save.

Once uploaded, there are a number of options available in the Details section. From here you can select whether the document can be viewed onliine (in a new window), printed and/or downloaded.

The defualt setting for document activities is for time to be tracked. This means when a user launches the document, the length of time it remains open will be tracked. This will then record the duration and display it as Time spent against the activity in the user's My Activities.

If you wish to disable the time tracking you can do so under the Details section for the activity and tick the option to Disable Tracking.

Linking to a web-based document

Go to your web-browser and find the web page you wish to link to.

Highlight the url in the address bar, right click and copy (or Ctrl + C).

Return to your LMS and repeat the steps above but when you get to the New Document window, select the option for Link to a web-based document.

Paste the url into the top field by right clicking and selecting paste (or Ctrl + V).

Enter a name for the document activity in the second field and click on Save.

As above for document files, if you wish to disable the tracking, you can do so by ticking Disable Tracking in the Details section.

Replacing a document

If you need to update the document, perhaps because there is a newer version or the original needs to replaced, go to the Details section for the activity and click on Replace.

Click on Choose file to locate the document, or update the url if linking to a web-based document, then click on Save.

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