Uploading Videos and Audio files

Your Unicorn LMS supports the upload of video and audio enabling these types of activities to be tracked and bookmarked and CPD can be automatically awarded upon completion. Video and audio files must be in one of the following formats:

Video: mp4, .m4v, .f4v, .mov, .flv, .wmv, YouTube link, Wistia
Audio: .mp3

Ensure your file is in one of these formats before uploading.

If uploading a video file, the maximum file size permitted when uploading content in to your LMS is 330MB. As video files and audio files are often very large, we recommend compressing and encoding your file prior to upload to ensure optimum performance and immediate playback.

Please see the guide Encoding Your Video File Using Handbrake for further information on how to compress and package a video file. 

Audio files should also go through an audio compressor such as Audacity.

Both Handbrake and Audacity are free, open source software.

To avoid the maximum file size limit, you can upload your video to YouTube and then paste the link into you LMS. YouTube videos are still fully trackable.

Uploading a video or audio file

From Content Manager, click on the Create button and select Upload Video/Audio.

Click on the File icon then click Next.

Click on Choose file to locate your video or audio file and then click on Save on the Upload Video/Audio window.

Once uploaded, click on Details from the menu on the left. Here you can enter a name, code, description and any objectives for the activity.

These details will be displayed to the end user when browsing activities in Find Learning or viewing the information for the activity in My Activities and can help inform the user about the activity before registering on to or launching it.

It is also recommended that you input the duration so users can correctly allocate enough time to watch or listen to the activity.

The media playback dimension fields represent the size of the launch window and should be populated automatically when the file is uploaded.

To replace a video or audio file

If you need to update or replace a video or audio file with a new version, go to Details and click on the Change button to locate the new file.

Linking to a YouTube or Wistia video

From Content Manager, click on the Create button and select Upload Video/Audio. Then select the Link icon and click Next.

Now navigate to the YouTube or Wistia video you wish to link to and simply copy the URL from your browser address bar or by clicking on Share...

...and paste it into the Enter the URL of the video field. The name field will be populated automatically, but can be changed at this point if you wish. You will see a preview of the video which you can play to confirm it is the correct video. Now click Save.

Once uploaded you will be taken to the Common Tasks page of the administration pages. Click on Go to details to enter a code, description and objectives.

To replace a YouTube or Wistia video link

If you need to replace a YouTube or Wistia video then go to the Details page and click on the Change button next to the URL. Paste in the new URL and Save.

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