Encoding Your Video File Using Handbrake

There is a maximum size limit of 330MB when uploading videos (or other content) to your Unicorn platform.

We therefore recommend compressing and correctly encoding your videos for optimum performance and immediate playback.

There are a number of tools that allow you to do this but this guide will take you through how to use Handbrake.

Handbrake is an open source (free), cross-platform video transcoder. To download the latest version of Handbrake, go to http://handbrake.fr/downloads.php.  

Please check with your IT Department prior to downloading any software and always ensure the site you are downloading from is Safe and free from Malware.  

Encoding your video

When the program first opens, click on the File button to navigate to the file (see Image 1) or click on the Cancel link and use the drag and drop method (see image 2).

If you are using the drag and drop method, drag and drop the file you wish to encode onto the Handbrake window - the file name should appear in the Source section.

Click on the Browse button in the Destination section of the programme to specify a destination folder and file name for your compressed video.

Under Output Settings section, ensure MP4 is the Container drop-down and tick the box for Web Optimized.

On the Picture tab, set Anamorphic drop-down box to None and Modulus drop-down box to 16.

Change the cropping setting to Custom and set the values to 0 if you do not require cropping.
If you require cropping, for example to remove black bars around the outside of your video, increase the values accordingly.

If you wish, you can also amend the video frame size by changing the Width and Height measurements.  

Click on the Audio tab and choose Stereo from the Mixdown drop-down box.
NB If the file you are trying to encode was originally recorded in Mono, you won't be able to select the Stereo option.

Now click the Start button at the top of the window to begin encoding your video.

While encoding, the button will change to Stop and you will see a progress bar at the bottom of the window.

When it has finished encoding the button will say Start again and the status at the bottom of the window will say Queue Finished.

Your video is now ready to upload to your platform.

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