Sliding Banner

The sliding banner is a feature which occupies the image space across the top of a user's home page. A Super Administrator can activate this feature themselves within the site settings and instead of a static image, users of the site will see rotating images which can be customised with text and links making them interactive. You can therefore utilise this banner to promote activities and learning initiatives within your LMS which are relevant to your organisation.

The slider will automatically move on to the next image after 7 seconds and will then return to the first image. Users can also click on the small squares in the bottom right of the image to progress quicker to a particular slider.

Activating the sliding banners

Only Super Administrators have the site permission to switch on the sliding banner feature. Navigate to the Site Settings area under Menu then click on the Off/On switch to turn it On (the On status will show as green).

Once you've activated the sliding banners, you can then switch on or off individual banners and control who sees the banner using permissions.

Customising the sliders

There are three default images. You can upload your own images to replace the default images or in addition to these up to a maximum of 6 different sliders.  

You can also edit the URL and caption text which will be displayed along the bottom of the image.

Click on the picture icon in the top right of the slider you wish to edit to locate and upload a new image. The recommended size for the image is W: 960px H: 230px (the width is fixed but, if required, the height can be larger but not smaller) and will need to be resized prior to upload.

Enter the destination URL in to the URL field and update the Caption as necessary.

The easiest way to edit the button element is by editing the source code. Click on the source code button < > as shown in the image above. Enter your caption between the two <p> </p> tags and the text to appear as the button should be entered after '<span class =', then click Save.

For example, if you wanted to encourage people to use the Discussion Forums, you might enter:

"What is everyone talking about? <span class="SliderButton"> Current Discussions </span>

and the URL would be


After you've uploaded a new image, entered the URL and caption, the slider will display like the below example as part of the rotating banner on the home page:

Adding and removing sliders

You can have a maximum of 6 sliders rotating within the banner.

To add a new slider, click on the plus icon to the right of one of the existing sliders. The new slider will appear beneath it. Use the arrows to the right of the slider to move it's position up or down to reflect the order in which the sliders will appear.

Follow the steps above to upload an image and edit the URL and Caption.

To remove a slider, click on the    button to the right of the one you wish to remove. 

Setting Permissions for Sliders

You can have sliding banners set up so only a specific user group (or groups) or individuals will be able to view the banner. For all other users who do not sit in the user groups or have not been individually selected will not see it. Alternatively, you can prevent specific users or user groups from viewing a banner.

The user group(s) and user accounts must already exist in the system before you can select it for permissions (speak to Help Desk for guidance on creating user groups).
To manage the slider permissions click on the padlock icon .

To assign the banner to a user group, start typing the name of the group under the Group Permissions  section. The system will try to suggest user groups according to what you type and what is available on the system. When you see the relevant group, select it from the list. Ensure the Allow radio button is selected, choose View from the Operation dropdown list then click on the Add button.

If you wish to restrict the permissions to just this user group you will need to remove the All Users group permission by clicking on the Remove link at the end of the row.

Should you wish to prohibit a user group from viewing a banner, select the Deny radio button before clicking the Add button. 

To assign the banner to an individual, start typing the user's name in under the User Permissions section. As with Group Permissions, the system will suggest users, when you see the relevant user's name select it from the list. Choose View from the Operation dropdown list, select the Allow button then click on the Add button.

To prevent a group from seeing the banner select Deny.  

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