Archiving and Restoring a User's Account

When a user leaves, you will need to archive their account on the LMS. When you archive the account, the system will automatically cancel them from any events or webinars they are registered on to therefore freeing up spaces enabling other users to attend. Any events where the user is pending approval or payment will also be cancelled.

By archiving a user you are not permanently deleting the account. This means if the user returns their account can be quickly restored and their online activity and CPD history accessible once more. This is particularly useful for users who go on long term leave, secondments or for contractors.

To archive a user's account

  • Navigate to the Organisation & Users area of your LMS and locate the individual you wish to archive.
  • Click on their username to access their profile information.
  • Go to the Details section.
  • Click on the Archive User button to be taken through a 2 step wizard.

  • The first step provides a cautionary notice regarding future events and webinars they are registered to attend. Confirm the step by clicking on the Archive button.

  • The second step confirms whether the archive has been successful. Click on Finish to return to the Details page of the user's profile.

Restoring a user's account

As above for archiving a user's account, you first need to locate the user in the Organisation & Users area of the system. The default view when viewing the list of users is set to Active accounts only so you must first change the view to Archived users.

  • Click on the dropdown next to Show and select Archived.

  • Archived accounts are displayed with their username in grey italics. Click on the username to access the user's profile.

  • Now simply click on the Restore User button on the user's Details page then continue through the two step wizard as above but selecting Restore instead of Archive.
Restoring a user's account will not re-register them on to any of the activities or events they were registered on at the time they were archived. If still required, they will need to be registered on to these activities again. However, their completed activity history will still be available via My Activities.

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