Creating a Pathway

The pathway builder allows users to register on multiple activities at once. Administrators can use the pathway builder to package individual activities or learning pathways together in to one complete pathway. This could be useful to build a course for a certain audience, for example, an induction for new joiners, or on a specific subject.

The diagnostic assessment tools can be used as a pre-assessment to diagnose a user's current knowledge prior to carrying out learning. They then only need to complete the topic areas where there is an identified learning need.

Building a Pathway

The easiest way to build a pathway is to add the required items to your basket. This can be done via Find Learning, or administrators can also select activities in the Content Manager, simply by locating the existing pathway or activity and selecting the Add to Basket button to the right.

You can include other pathways in the pathway you are building (pathway in a pathway) or individual activities such as documents, elearning, videos, assessments (etc). 

Once you've selected the button and it has been added to your basket, the button will turn grey.Looking at the example above, the second and third courses have been added to the basket but the first one has been excluded. You will see the total number of items in brackets on the Basket tab in the top right of your screen. Click on this tab to review the items in your basket before registering or saving your pathway.

If you need to remove a single activity from the basket, click the bin icon for that activity, or click the Clear Selection link to remove all activities.

If you wish to register yourself on the activities in your basket, click Register Me. You will be given the option to select a due date but this can be ignored if you do not want to set this. Once confirmed, the activities will be added to your My Activities list.

Additional Options for Pathways

Diagnostic Assessments - if you add one to your pathway, users will be asked a number of questions relating to the activities in it and if they pass the assessment for those activities, they will be exempt from completing them.  Please see the Diagnostic Assessments guide for further information.
Pathway Assessments - this option adds a final assessment to the pathway to test the user's knowledge.  Please see the Pathway Assessments guide for further information.
Activity Settings in Pathways - once you have set your pathway up, there are additional settings you can use.  Please see the Activity Settings in Pathways guide for further information.

New Client Administrator

If you are following the New Client Administrator guides, let's take a look at how to Create a Welcome Email to New Users next.

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