Activity Custom Fields

The Activity Custom Fields enable administrators to record additional information against any activity in Content Manager. This information can then be reported on.

Super-Administrators can define the fields in Site Settings. Then administrators can record the data in the Additional Information tab within the activity common tasks area.

Defining the Custom Fields

As a Super-Administrator you can access the Site Settings area from the Menu.

From here, select the Activity Custom Fields tab from the menu on the left.

Click on Add to create the new field.
An item called New Field will be added to the page. 

Click on the words New Field to edit the name. From the Data Type dropdown, select the type of field most appropriate for the data you wish to capture. When using the Selection fields, you will be able to add the selectable options by clicking on the Add your options text under the Selection options column.

Click on Add Selection, enter the title of the option and click on Confirm. Repeat until you have finished adding all the options then select OK.

Finally, click on Save to save your changes.

Now, when an administrator is creating or editing content, they can record the required information as configured by the super-administrator under the Additional Information section 
in the activity common tasks area

Reporting on Activity Custom Fields

It is possible to report on any of the Activity Custom Fields the super-administrator has configured. On Step 3 of the report wizzard (Field Selection), scroll down the Available fields area until you reach the Activity Custom Fields section. Select the field you wish to report on and click on Add to include it in the Report Fields section.

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