Archiving an Activity

Archiving an activity within the Unicorn LMS does not mean that the activity is deleted, removed from a user's training plan or from an existing pathway.

Archiving an activity removes it from the Find Learning area and also from the default view of the Content Management area. The purpose of archiving is to stop users self-registering, and from the Content Management perspective, it acts as a means to hiding out of date content.

When you archive an activity it is still available, the purpose is to prevent further registrations not to impede current registrations.

If an activity is archived it will still be available within previously created pathways unless, separately, you archive it from within the pathway. This is so when an activity is archived on our Content Hub, clients who have that particular activity within a previously created pathway don't suddenly find it missing following syndication.

If we archive an activity in our vendor managed content, clients who have that activity within a previously created pathway don't suddenly find it missing. In addition, any registration rules you have created relating to that activity will still work. Email Reminders stay active as users previously registered on archived activities may still wish to be informed about approaching due dates, etc.

If you want to remove archived activities from a user's training plan, you will need to cancel the user's registration to the activity or activities. This will not remove completed activities from a user's CPD log.  See Cancelling a user from an activity for more information.

How to Archive an Activity

Locate the Activity via Content Manager or Find Learning.  Access the administration area for the activity by clicking on the activity's title if you are in Content Manager or the Common Tasks button if you are in Find Learning.

Click on the Details and Pages tab on the left.

Click on the archive button, which can normally be found towards the bottom of the page.

Click on Confirm in the popup window.

The Activity will now be archived.

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