Copying an Assessment

Sometimes, you may need to copy an assessment rather than edit one that already exists.  For example, you would like to use an existing Unicorn assessment but tailor it to meet your organisation's compliance requirements by limiting the number of attempts or changing the pass mark. If you have access to manage question banks on your LMS, you may want to add questions specific to your organisation.

Please note that if you choose to copy an assessment, it will need to be maintained manually by an administrator if any amendments are made to the original assessment (i.e. if questions are retired in the original assessment).  The administrator who created the copy of the assessment will be notified that an assessment they are responsible for requires attention. You can apply the filter in Content Manager to quickly find any assessments which require updating.

If the assessment forms part of a Pathway and you do not wish to change the assessment in any way, you can choose to link to the original assessment when you copy the Pathway.  See the Copy Pathway guide for further information.

Copying an Assessment

Locate the Assessment you want to copy. If you have found the assessment through Find Learning, click on the Common Tasks button next to it or if you are in Content Manager, click on the assessment link. 

Click on Copy Assessment within the Common Tasks tab. You will also find a button to Copy on the Details tab.

the assessment to clearly differentiate it from the original e.g. Assessment Name 2017 and click on Continue.

You will now be able to locate the assessment within the Content Manager where you can attach it as part of a pathway or register users on to it directly as a stand-alone assessment.  

You can edit the number of attempts, time limits or the user feedback settings within the Details tab.  To edit the questions or pass mark, click on the Questions tab.

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