Grouping CPD Activities into a Personal CPD Pathway

The grouping functionality in the CPD log enables you to group similar activities or activities which relate to the same learning pathway. You need at least one CPD activity to create a group.

Step 1

Select the activities (one or more) you wish to be included in the group by ticking the box to the left of the activity. Click on the Actions button and select Group CPD Activities.

Step 2

The box at the top of the form reminds you which activities have been selected to be included in this group – you can add further activities later. Complete each of the fields in the form then click on Create Group.

Step 3

A blue triangle  next to the entry indicates a CPD Pathway. Click on the arrow to expand the Pathway to view individual activities.

Step 4

Using the Actions drop down field you can move other selected activities into the group. However, the Remove option will remove the CPD entry from your log. To remove it from the group only, click on the icon to the right of the activity. This will enable you to remove the activity from the group, remove the item from the CPD log or permanently delete it.

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