CPD Adjustments

To take advantage of this feature, it needs to be enabled by Unicorn and is currently only available for company CPD schemes. If you do not already have this feature enabled and would like more information on whether it is available for your scheme, please contact your Relationship Manager or the Help Desk. 

You can use CPD adjustments to increase or decrease a user's CPD requirements to reflect a period of extended leave (decrease) or a shortfall from the previous year (increase).

A shortfall will be automatically calculated and rolled over to a user's CPD requirement for the following year whereas a decrease due to a period of extended leave needs to be adjusted manually.

Applying an adjustment to a user

To make an adjustment to a user's CPD requirement for their current CPD year you need to access their profile via Organisations & Users.

Once you've located the user in your organisation structure, click on their username to view their profile. 

Click on the CPD Log tab on the left. The adjustments section can be found below their CPD log.

Click on the Add Adjustment button.

The Add Adjustments window will display. The mandatory fields are indicated by the red asterisk. Complete as appropriate with:
  1. The reason for the adjustment
  2. Whether it is an increase or decrease to the schemes requirements
  3. Any supporting notes (optional)
  4. The hours/minutes to be increased or decreased
  5. When the adjustment is applicable from
then click on the Add button.

You will then see the details of the adjustment listed below the CPD Log and the CPD requirement information will be updated to reflect the change in CPD requirement. 

If you need to edit the CPD adjustment, click on the title in the Adjustment Type column, or if you need to delete it click on the bin icon to the right.

What does the user see?

The change will take affect immediately and the new requirement will be displayed on the CPD portlet and in the CPD Log to the user when they next log in. 

They will also see a note on the Current Status gauge to the left of their CPD Log that their current CPD year contains adjustment. Clicking on this note will show the type of adjustment.

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