Create a Welcome Email to New Users

When you are ready to launch your new site or content, you may want to email all users to notify them individually of their username and provide them with a password link to set their own password.

There is an option when creating a new account to send a system generated email containing the user’s registration details but you may prefer to personalise the email or send a communication after the user account is created.

You can do this using Email Reminders. You only need to create the one email but each registered user will receive their own personal email containing their own registration details.

Video Guide: Would you prefer to watch this as a video?  If so, please see the Welcome Email to New Users guide.

First you need to create an activity to assign to all your users. If you have access to our eCreator tool, you may like to create your own eCreator course or you may upload a document perhaps to some company guidelines, in which case, go to the activity and skip to Step 2. Alternatively, you could create a simple Offline activity, which will will do in Step 1. 

Step 1 - Create an Offline Activity

Within Content Manager, hover over the Create button and click on New Offline Activity.

Name the activity, such as 'Welcome to Your New LMS', and click on the Create New Offline Activity.

Step 2 - Set up an Email Reminder

Click on the Set email reminders link within the Common Tasks area for the activity or click on the Email Reminders tab on the left-hand side.

Click on the New Email button.

Using the Custom fields on the right-hand side to insert personal information (see the pink highlighted areas), create an email welcoming users to the site.  As the email is sent from a noreply email address, we would also recommend adding contact details at the bottom of the email (see the yellow highlighted area).  

Click on the Send Test Email to check the formatting.  Please note that it will go to your email address, as you are logged in as an administrator, and it will be addressed to you, however the set password link won't work if clicked on as it is a test email.

Click on Next once you have checked your email.

In the following screen, as we're sending the email to all users, we won't change any settings so just click on Next.

In the last step, choose the frequency of the email by selecting the On registration radio button and make sure that it will go out to the Registered User.  You can then decide when you would like the email to start running.  You could keep it as a draft ready to send later, start running it straight away or set up a date that it should start sending from.  Click on Finish to complete the process.

You will now need to register your users.  You can do this either by registering specfic users and selecting the users manually or by creating a registration rule that registers users who meet the criteria you set.

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