Creating New Organisation Units

As part of your site configuration, your initial organisation structure and users will be created on the site for you. We may then arrange for a data feed from an existing HR system to your Unicorn LMS to manage any changes automatically so you don't have to manually add or archive user accounts or organisation units. However, if you do not have a data feed this will be something you will need to manage yourself. Don't worry, it is quite simple and this guide will show you how to create new units and new user accounts.

Access the Organisation and Users section by clicking on its link within the menu. Alternatively, administrators can access it via the User Admin link in the Common Tasks portlet on the home page.
In this example, we are the Bank of Unicorn Limited and it is organised like this:

So, in the above example, 'Investments' and 'Mortgage Services' are parent units and 'Corporate Investments', 'High Risk' and 'Private Investments' are child units of Investments. On the right hand side, you can see how many users there are per unit. So, Investments has 6 and Mortgage Services has 5.

Amending Unit Details

To amend the details of a unit, such as changing its name, simply click on the link to the Organisation Unit in the main screen and then select Details from the left hand menu. 
Make any necessary changes, then select Save.  

Viewing Users

To view the users within an organisation, click on the organisation name - in this example this is Bank of Unicorn Limited - then select the Users option in the left-hand menu. As we've clicked on the highest level, we're able to see all employees within the organisation, as shown below.

If you only want to see the users within a particular unit, simply select that unit name from the menu - in this example we've chosen Corporate Investments - and then choose Users from the left-hand menu.

Adding New Units

To create a new unit within your organisation, hover over the level within which your new unit will sit. In this example, we're going to add a new unit called 'Admin' within ‘Investments'. If you hover over ‘Investments', a +Unit button will appear.  Click on this button to add a unit.

Enter the new unit's name - in this case 'Investments Admin' - and add a Code. The code has to be unique and we recommend that you follow your company's naming convention. Next, choose whether the unit is a Division or Department as it is useful for the reporting function. Just to clarify between the two options, think of a 'Division' as the geographic location, such as North, South, East or West or 'Europe' or 'UK'. A 'Department' relates to the function of that unit, which may be 'Finance Department in North' or 'Finance Department in South', etc. The final category to consider when setting up a new unit, is the Identifier. This is an optional field if you want to include a further way of identifying the unit for reporting. Once you've completed these fields (as shown below), select Save, and the unit is set up!

To add a New User to a Unit, click here.

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