Create an Email Notification to Confirm a User's Registration

The system supports automatic emails to communicate with learners registered on to an activity. You can set up as many emails as you need but it’s important to note that the learner won’t receive the emails unless they are registered onto the related activity.

As well as sending the emails directly to the learner, you can also send them to their line manager. This is particularly useful if, for example, completion of the activity is overdue.

We'll look at how to set up automatic emails to send to users in this guide.

Setting up an email to users

Begin by locating the activity in Content Manager and click on its title or click on the Common Tasks button if you have found it through Find Learning.

Click on the Set reminder emails link. 
Hi  $FirstName Thank you for registering onto $ActivityName, which you must complete by  $ActivityDueDate. You can launch the activity at any time by clicking on this link: $LaunchActivityLink Please do not reply to this email.  For queries, please email Kind regards Your training team

If any email reminders have already been created, they will show up here.  To create a new one, simply select New Email and you’ll arrive at the email template. 

You will now be taken to a 3 step wizard.  

Step 1

There are two fields to complete. Pop your subject into the top line, the main body of the email goes into the Message field. You can build your message by typing and using the Custom fields on the right. These fields act like mail merge fields, pulling in information such as the learner’s name, the activity name and due date. You can also launch the activity directly from the email, include the username and add a link for the learner to set their password.

So, in this example, which is confirming a learner’s registration on to an activity, the ‘Message’ could be worded as follows:

Once you’re happy with your email message, you can send a test email. It will be received by the person that’s logged in and creating the email reminder. One thing to point out here is that the ‘$SetPasswordLink’ custom field won’t work in the test email. Now click Next.

Step 2

Step two is ‘Rules’. In other words, the settings for who you want the email to go to. If you want the email reminder to go to everyone, you don’t have to set up a rule, so you can skip this step by clicking Next.

If the email is for targeted learners then Click to add and search for the relevant groups. In this example, the email is for the ‘Bank of Unicorn Limited’, so we’ll tick that and press Next.

Step 3

The final step, ‘Recurrence’, is where you set up how often to send out the email. If we wanted to save this email as a draft to go out at a future date, we would select Start running from and enter the date, as shown below.

However, as this example is an email to confirm a registration, we want it to go out On registration, to Start running now and send to the Registered User, as shown in the screenshot below. Click Finish when complete.  

Returning to the Email Reminders tab, you will find your new email notification listed. If you no longer need it to go out, simply select Cancel Email on the right hand side. If we’d set the email reminder up as a draft, it would say Delete email instead. If you want to edit the email, just click on the Subject line under the Notification collumn.

Don't forget you can set up multiple email reminders for different purposes, one off information emails, due date reminders or even a congratulations once they've completed their learning.

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