Registering Specific Users

As an administrator, you can assign activities to users.  You can do this by registering specific users or by creating a rule that will automatically register users according to the criteria you set. In this guide, we will look at how to register specific users which are not picked up by the registration rules.

First locate the activity you wish to assign to users and click on its title if you are using Content Manager or the Common Tasks button if you are using Find Learning.  

Click on the Users tab on the left.  This tab will show you any users that are already registered onto the activity.  Please note that you'll only be able to see users which are within your reporting scope.

To register one or more specific users, click on the Register button.

Now select the option to register Specific users and then click on Next.

From here, you can search your organisation's directory.  You can search on an individual's name, for example, if I look for Bette, I find Bette Kane.  When I select the box next to her name, her name appears on the left to show that she has been selected.  

You can also search for a specific unit.  Perhaps I'd like to register everyone in the Private Investments department.  I can find the unit from the Unit dropdown and use the Select all on current page tick box.  

To search for everyone in the whole organisation, select All Units with the Filter field empty and then click search.  As mentioned before, in all these cases, you will only see staff who are within your reporting scope.

To remove someone you've selected in error, click on the box next to their name on the left of the screen.  

When you've selected the required names, click on the Next button.

Now you can set a Due Date for when the registered users must complete the activity by.  As we know they are being registered today, we can set a specific due date using the calendar.  

If there is a chance that the user has been registered onto the activity before, we can choose to reset their status so that they return to the status of Not Attempted and have to complete it again.  You can reset anyone who has completed the activity, completed it a number of months ago, registered a number of months ago or for all previous registrations. In this example, we're going to reset anyone who has previously completed the activity.  

And that's it.  Now we click on Finish and the selected staff are added to the users tab as registered users, and the registered users will be able to find the activity in their My Activities area.

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