Creating a Registration Rule to Automatically Assign Content to New Users

If you have mandatory training that all new joiners have to complete, rather than manually registering each new joiner as they start, you can create a rule which will check the system for new joiners and automatically assign the activity to the learners.  This guide will take you through the rule that will register the learner and set a due date by which the activity needs to be completed.

First find the activity and then click on its title if you are using Content Manager or the Common Tasks button if you are using Find Learning.

You are taken to the Common Tasks area.  From here, you can Add Users and begin the 3 step wizard.  

Step 1

For the first step of the wizard, there are two options. To automatically register new users, we need to choose the Registration Rule option and click Next.

Step 2

This step allows you to select the criteria for who you wish to register. We want to register new joiners so click the Filter by employment date box. You are able to select whether you want new joiners who have started from today, or you can select new users that have started before, or after, a specific date, or finally, a relative date older than a certain number of days, weeks, months or years.  For this example, we're going to start registering new joiners who have Started from today then click Next.

Step 3

This step allows you to select when you want the registration rule to run.

When to register
This can be either overnight, immediately, or on a specific date.  In order for the rule to run continuously, picking up new joiners as they are added to the system, the Check rule automatically box needs to be checked. We can then select whether to have the rule run up until a specific date or indefinitely.  The overnight option will run in the early hours of the morning but will also check whenever a user logs into the system to see whether they meet any of the rules, so for this example, we're going to choose overnight.  

Due Date
Next you have the option to set a Due Date.  This determines the amount of time you're giving the user to complete the activity.  Once again, there are several options you can choose from.  You can specify an exact date although this wouldn't work for a recurring rule as a user may be registered after the set due date. Another option is to specify the due date based upon the user's creation date (the date their account was created on the system). Beneath this checkbox is an extra option based on employment date (the actual date they started their employment). This information must be recorded on the user's profile otherwise the create date will be used.  If the user has previously completed an activity then there is also the option to select the due date based upon the last completion date or from a previous due date. The last option, Specify a date from when activity is assigned, is useful for recurring annual training which gets reset each time they are reassigned.

For this example, we will select to specify a date from the user creation date. Because we have set the rule to register based on the user's employment date, we're going to tick the box to use the employment date instead when available and will give new joiners 1 month to complete the activity. As this activity is for new joiners, there will be no reason to reset any progress for existing registrations under the Existing Registrations heading so we will leave the reset progress checkbox unticked.

Note: should an employee leave and then return to your employment, their status would not be reset automatically if the option to reset progress for existing registrations isn't ticked. However, it is possible to do this manually in this instance. Should this happen frequent (i.e. contractors) then you should consider selecting this option.

Your rule should look like the below screenshot once you have selected these options. Clicking Finish will save the rule ready to run overnight.

You can now view the Pending Registration Rules link at the bottom of the registered Users page.  

Once the rule has run, it will be listed in the Registration Rules History link. By clicking on these links you will have the option to edit or remove the rule (or reschedule if it is a one-time rule and not scheduled to run daily).

If you're a new administrator, why not monitor your users' progress using reports? Let's start with finding your way around the Reports Homepage.

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