New Client Administrator Overview Written Guides

You have been appointed as an Administrator for your platform, but what does that mean?
To get you started, we have put together a series of guides to introduce you to the typical functionality that administrators have access to. Click on the guide you're interested in or click on the Common Tasks portlet to go through them all.

Common Tasks portlet

This guide introduces you to the Common Tasks portlet, the most efficient way to navigate your site as an administrator.

Creating New Organisation Units and User accounts

The Creating a New Organisation Unit guide will show you how you can add an Organisation Unit to your site's configuration and the Add a New User to the Organisation Unit guide will show you how to add new users, such as new starters, should you need to.

Managing Your Content

This series of guides show you how to create pathways, register your users on to your content and set up automatic email notifications:
  1. Create a Pathway
  2. Create a Welcome Email to New Users
  3. Create an Email Notification Confirming a User's Registration
  4. Register Specific Users to Activities
  5. Create a Registration Rule to Automatically Register New Users onto Content 


Once you have set up your organisation structure and users, and have started assigning content to users, you may now be ready to report on your users' activity.  The following guides will introduce you to the reporting functionality on your site:

Reports home page
Running a Report
Using Report Filters
Exporting Reports

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