Adding a New User to a Unit

Next, we're going to add a user to a unit. Hover over the unit name you want to add the user to, and select the +User button. In this example we are going to add a user to the Investments department.

Add the user's details as follows:
First name/Last name
Complete with the user's name


The username has to be unique to the individual, such as first name dot surname or initial and surname. Again, we recommend you follow your company's naming convention.

Email address
Add the user's work email address

For the password field, the most secure option is to leave it blank as the system will automatically generate a password for them.
Then, click Next. You'll now see a summary of the user's details. If you tick the box at the bottom of the page and select Finish, the user will receive an email with the system generated password which they will be prompted to change when they log in.

If you are a new administrator, why not take a look at how you can Create a Pathway next?

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