Running a Report

Unicorn LMS comes with a number of predefined reports for the most common reporting requirements.  

Navigate to the Reports area of the system via the Common Tasks portlet or from the Menu.  

When you are a new administrator, and therefore haven't set up any favourite reports (see Setting a Favourite Report), you will be presented with the All Reports view, although you can change the view by choosing another option from the View list.  

You will be presented with a list of available reports. You can search for the report you are looking for using the search field on the left or filter the reports by category.  In this example, we want to run the Activity Completion Status Report, which returns every activity registration per user and their current completion status.

 Click on the Activity Completion Status Report title within the reports list.

The system will automatically run the report for you and will display the first 1000 records, with the option to move between the pages, in the preview in the bottom half of the page.

If there are more than 1000 records you can either use the filters in the top half of the page to refine the results or export the data into a spreadsheet using a CSV or XLS file to view all of the results.

See the Using Report Filters guide or Exporting the Results of a Report guide for further guidance on how to use these features.

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