Diagnostic Assessments

You can use the diagnostic assessment functionality to create an assessment relating to the topics in your basket. This can then be used as a stand-alone assessment to identify risks or weaknesses or administrators can include it as part of a pathway which identifies where there are knowledge gaps before directing users through the required learning. In both cases, the results of the diagnostic assessments can be reported on using the Diagnostic Dashboard report.

Users can use the diagnostic functionality to self-assess their knowledge on chosen topics.

The diagnostic assessment will consist of a number of questions relating to each topic in the basket. When used as part of the pathway, users will be prompted to complete this assessment first. If they are able to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter by reaching or exceeding the set passmark, they will be exempted from that activity. This can be useful for annual regulatory training, saving learners valuable time where they can prove their knowledge on a particular topic.

Note: a user can choose to bypass the assessment and complete all activities in the pathway if they wish.

When adding activities to your pathway through Find Learning, you are able to identify if an individual activity has questions associated with it and, if so, how many. This will represent the pool of questions to be used in the diagnostic (and pathway) assessments.

To create a diagnostic assessment, click on the Add a Diagnostic Assessment link above your activities. If you do not see the option to add a diagnostic assessment this is because the activities you have chosen are not linked to any questions within the diagnostic question banks held on the platform.

You will be presented with the following window:

Here you can set a passmark for each activity and choose the number of questions you wish to present per item (pathway topic) or individual activity (each activity within a pathway will be assessed separately). The total number of questions you can expect to make up the assessment may vary according to whether you select Item or Individual Activity but will be displayed under the Number of questions selection criteria.

Now click on Save.

The diagnostic assessment will be added above your list of activities.


Tick the checkbox to use as a Stand-alone Assessment and click on Assess me to immediately launch the assessment and test your own knowledge. To create your own personal learning pathway containing the diagnostic assessment and all the activities, do not tick the checkbox and click on Register me.


Administrators can tick the checkbox for Stand-alone Assessment and click on Save Diagnostic enabling the Administrator to assign users on to the assessment only or they can leave it unchecked and Save Pathway to include the diagnostic functionality along with the other activities as part of a pathway and assigned to users as a complete package.

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