Pathway Assessments

The Pathway Assessment option can be used to create a final assessment for the pathway which can be used to check how much information the user has retained by the end of the learning.

If you do not have a diagnostic assessment added to the pathway, the questions will be pulled from every subject available. You will be given a final assessment based on all items in the basket.

If you do have a diagnostic assessment you will be presented with two options. The first option will create the pathway assessment based on the user's results from the diagnostic assessment, taking the stipulated number of questions from only those topics not exempted. The second option will create an assessment based on all items in the basket regardless of the user's results when they completed the diagnostic assessment.

After you have selected what you would like your pathway assessment to be based on, you will be presented with a window similar to the below. If you have chosen to base it on all individual activities in the basket, you will be able to set a passmark and select the number of questions asked per individual activity, which can be different to your settings for the diagnostic assessment. If you have chosen to base it on the results of the diagnostic assessment, the passmark and number of questions will carry across from the settings you've chosen for the diagnostic and you will not be able to change them.

For the pathway assessment, you can set the number of attempts you will allow each user. Should they reach the maximum number of attempts, the assessment will be locked down and the user will be unable to attempt it again until an administrator unlocks it. If you wish to mark the user as failed if they reach the maximum number of attempts, tick the checkbox Mark Assessment as failed if out of attempts.

If the user needs to retake the assessment, you can decide whether they take the complete pathway assessment again or just cover the areas where they have previously failed.

Click on Save to add the Pathway Assessment.

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