Archiving an Activity in a Pathway

Archiving an activity within the Unicorn LMS does not mean that the activity is deleted, removed from a user's training plan or from an existing pathway.  

When archiving an activity within a pathway, existing users will still see the activity in their training plan even after changes to the pathway have been published. By default, new activities added to a pathway will only be visible to new users registered to that pathway after the changes. However if new activities are added and the changes are then published existing users will also be registered onto the new activities.

How to Archive an Activity within a Pathway

Locate the Pathway via Content Manager or Find Learning.  Access the administration area by clicking on the activity's title if you are in Content Manager or the Common Tasks button if you are in Find Learning.  

Click on the Activities tab on the left.

Tick the box next to the activity you would like to archive.

Choose Archive from the Actions drop-down menu.

  Click on Confirm in the popup window.  

  The Activity will now be archived.    

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