Copying an Event

Once you have your first event in your Event Programme, it is very quick and easy to add the next event by copying the existing one. You can then change the variable information such as dates and locations and can choose what other items you wish to copy, such as instructors and event surveys.

How to copy an event

While viewing the administration area of your event (for guidance on how to find your event, see the guide Viewing Events), scroll down the page until you see the Toolbox. Click on Copy Event.

Amend the name, time and location as necessary for the new event.

Then select what other options you wish to clone from the event you are copying from. For example, if the new events will have different instructors, remove the tick from Copy Instructors. You will need to remember to update the new event with the correct instructors once you have finished copying.

Once you have finished making your changes, select Next.

The final screen gives you opportunity to check the details for your new event. Review and if you need to change anything, click on the Previous button. Otherwise, click on Finish.

You will then be taken into your new event ready to make further changes if you deselected any of the clone options.

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