Assign an expert to an activity

If you assign an expert to an activity prior to any discussions taking place, this means that if a user does start a discussion, they will be able to speak with the expert straightaway.

Locate the activity within Find Learning or Content Manager and either click on the Common Tasks button (in Find Learning) or the activity's title (in Content Manger).

Click on the Discussions tab on the left-hand side.

Type the name of the expert into the Search and add users box.

Click on the expert's name.

The expert will be assigned.

Repeat the process to add another expert if required.

Click on Save.

Additional options

Tick the Ask the Expert discussions only box if you only want users to start a discussion with an expert, rather than a discussion about the activity between users themselves.

By default, all users will be able to particpate in discussions however this can be amended by clicking on the Who can particpate in discussions drop-down menu to one of two further options:
  • Registered users
  • Registered users and all users can view

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