Administrator Training Webinar Schedule - March/April

This schedule will run from 5 March to 30 April 2018.

Morning webinars (am) start at 10:30 and afternoon webinars (pm) start at 14:30. If you wish to book a place, please email


6 Mar (pm)
20 Mar (am)
17 Apr (am)

Introduction to eCreator

  • Creating an eCreator course
  • Basic editing
  • Importing images and files
  • Making engaging and interactive pages
  • Course management


13 Mar (pm)
27 Mar (am)
10 Apr (pm)
24 Apr (am)

Reporting Administration

  • Running predefined reports
  • Copying reports and amending parameters
  • Creating customised reports from new
  • Creating chart reports


    15 Mar (pm)
    26 Apr (am)

    Registration Rules and Email Reminders

    • Creating a new joiner rule
    • Creating a rule to reassign activities annually
    • Linking activities using registration rules
    • Using person categories to assign activities
    • Setting up email reminders


    29 Mar (am)
    12 Apr (pm)

    Question Banks and Assessments

    • Download, populate and upload a Question Bank template
    • Edit a Question Bank
    • Create an Assessment and import questions
    • Amend assessment settings


    8 Mar (pm)
    19 Apr (am)


    • The difference between an Event Programme and an Event
    • Create Events within an Event Programme
    • Publish an Event
    • Manage registrations


    22 Mar (am)
    5 Apr (pm)


    • Create a form template
    • How forms work and when to use one
    • Select the most appropriate workflow
    • Generate a form from a form template

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