Allocating System Roles/Reporting Scope to Users

For a detailed guide on the System Roles and Reporting Scopes, please see the User Roles, Permissions and Reporting Scopes Overview.

Find the User

Find the User you wish to amend (see the Finding Users guide if you are unsure how to do this). 

Allocate System Roles

Click on the System Roles tab in the left-hand menu. The roles available will depend on the specific roles that have been configured for your organisation (e.g. Administrator, Report Administrator, Line Manager etc). Select the check box next to the role or roles you wish to assign to the user.  Save the changes if this is all you needed to amend or go straight to the Reporting Scope step below.

Amend Reporting Scope

Reporting Scope section of this screen works in conjunction with the roles that have been assigned to the individual. They determine whether the user is able to access just their Direct Reports, or All Reports. If the user is to be given the Administrator role, you can set their control to either the whole organisation, or just the organisation unit (and sub units) within which they sit.

Select the required option from the drop down menu and click Save Changes button.

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