Creating a New Report

Administrators and Report Administrators are able to create new reports. It is recommended that you amend an existing system report rather than create a new one from scratch however this guide will show you how to do the latter so that you are aware of what can be created.

Hover over the Menu and click on reports then click on New Report. You will be given 5 steps to follow to create a new report.

Step 1

You will have a number of Data Sources to choose from in this step (although it may not be as many as shown below).  The description for each source will guide you to which will be the most suitable to meet your needs. Once you have selected an option, click Next.

Step 2

 The Select Parameters section will vary depending on the type of data source chosen however it will usually allow you to select the timescale to report on, what types of items to report on and who should be reported on.  For this example, we have chosen the Activity Attempt data source so let's have a look at how we'd complete it:
Activity Registration From/To
Set the timescale which you want to report on and then select the activity types you would like to report on.

Activity Types
  • By leaving Activity Types un-ticked, the report will return on all activities.
  • You can also report on specific activities by clicking on theAdd Activity button, searching for the activities you want to report on, ticking the boxes next to the desired courses and clicking Add.

  • Leave the Report On/Organisation List settings as they are to report on the whole Organisation or choose to select specific Organisation Units by using the drop-downs.
  • Choose All, Active, Suspended or Archived from the Person Status drop-down.
  • Report Viewer is the default option for Run Report As however you can also choose Specific User to run the report based on a specific user's profile.
 Once the options have been selected, click Next.

Step 3

The Field Selection step allows you to customise which fields will be reported on.

Adding a Field
To add a field, simply click on it and then click on the Add button, as shown below. Once you have clicked on it, you can also double-click it to quickly add it to the Report Fields. You are able to add as many fields as you require. For a report to work correctly, please ensure you have added one piece of unique data, such as Username, Email Address, etc.

Removing a Field

If you need to remove a section click on the field in the Report Fields section and click the Remove button, as shown below.

Re-organise the Fields (optional)

You can also re-organise the fields by selecting the field you want to move and then use the arrows to the right of the Report Fields section to move it up or down the list, as shown below.

Group By (optional)
The Group By section allows you to group data within the report to make it easier to read.  For example, you might want to group all users within the customer service department together, so you would choose Organisation Unit.  You add a Group By option in a similar way to adding a normal field however you are unable to double-click and will need to use the Add button as shown below.

Removing the field item in the Group By section works in the same way as removing an item in the Report Fields section except that you use the button next to the Group By section.

Renaming fields (optional)
If you would like to rename a field to make it easier to read on the report, click on the field item to highlight it and then click on the pencil icon.

Rename the field in the box, e.g. Department instead of Organisation Unit, and click on Save.

Click on Next when you are happy with the set-up of your fields.

Step 4

The Filter and Sorting step allows you to add filters and sort the report so that it is correct when it is received and doesn't need to be amended within a spreadsheet program.  Simply click on the Add Filter or Add Sort button and choose the item from the list of fields if you wish, although you don't have to add any.

Click on Next to go to the final step.

Step 5
Complete the options you need as follows.
Report Name
Rename the report so that you can identify it from the system reports.

It helps to add a description of what you have added within the report.

Tick this box if you would like to add it to the favourites page.

Who can run this report
Tick this box to enable you to share with other users or everyone (you will be able to choose). The enable editing button will allow permission for the users to edit the report as well if you need this.

What to do next
Choose whether to run the report now or via a scheduled email if it needs to be sent regularly.

Click on Finish when complete.

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