Creating an Offline Activity

An offline activity provides you with a means of making offline documentation or external web pages available as activities within the system. These activities can then either be assigned to Users directly or added to Pathways, which can in turn be assigned to Users.  

Please note: because these are offline activities, it is not possible to automatically track their usage within the system. Users are instead required to manually record their time spent and update their status to complete.

Creating a New Offline Activity

Within Content Manager, hover over the Create button and select New Offline Activity.

Enter a Name for the Offline Activity and click the Create New Offline Activity button.

As with all other Activity types, you are now presented with the Activity's management area and prompted with the Common Tasks associated with Offline Activities.

Clicking on the Details tab on the left side of the page will allow you to add and edit details, such as the Name and Code. You can also set a date range for when the activity is available to users; the Activity will still appear on Users’ training plans outside of this date range, but they will not be able to access it (it is possible to edit this date range at any time). You can also how long the Activity should take and also either enter a URL address (this can be a link to a page within your own company intranet) or upload one or more Documents using the Add file button near the bottom of the screen.

  Clicking on the Advanced Settings tab on the left will take you to the Registration options. Here you can choose whether Users can register themselves onto the Activity, when they can do this until and if the registration needs approval from an Administrator or not. In this section, you can also set the recommended amount of CPD Hours for this activity.

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