Creating a New Event

Click on the New Event link from the Toolbox on the left-hand side of the screen while in the Event Calendar or Event List view (see Viewing Events if you are unsure how to get here).

You will now need to complete the following 4 steps within the wizard:

Step 1

Complete the Description page as appropriate, making sure that you include the event's Name and Code (highlighted below).  The rest of the boxes aren't mandatory however they can be helpful for providing detailed information about the event.  As you will adding the event's location address in Step 2, the Location Notes box can be used for additional information, such as car parking, rather than the address.

Click the green Next button when done.

Step 2

Type in or select the appropriate Start and End dates for the event using the calendar tool within the Time section and use the drop down lists to select start and end times - the recommended CPD hours will be automatically calculated although this can be amended. If the date and time of the event is yet to be confirmed, tick the Date and time to be confirmed check boxes - the date and time fields will become greyed out. You can still publish this event to your users to gauge interest. When you have enough people registered you can update this event with the confirmed date and time, removing the tick from the Date and time to be confirmed box. Alternatively, you can create a separate event for the confirmed date and time, keeping this event as a holding area for interested learners.

Image 2

When adding locations within the Event Location section, you can take advantage of previously added locations to save time and ensure consistency.  To do this, start typing part of the address into the Search Locations field.  Selecting the correct option from the list will auto-populate the address fields.  

If your location does not already exist in the database, ignore the Search Locations field and complete the address details as you would on a letter or envelope.

Click on the green Next button when complete.

Step 3

You can now set up some of the key parameters for the event e.g. whether line manager approval is required, the closing dates for registration or cancelling off the event and, if applicable, the maximum and minimum number of attendees. When the maximum number of attendees has been reached, any subsequent registration requests will be shown a message to say the course is full. If you use the waiting list field, they will automatically be added to the waiting list until the waiting list is also full. Should an attendee with a confirmed place cancel, the first person on the waiting list will be added to the attendee list and they will be notified via email that their registration status has been updated.

By default, the Enable Registration check box is ticked. If you remove the tick you can still publish the event however no one will be able to find it within Find Learning and therefore will be unable to register onto it (not even via a line manager or administrator). Click on the green Next button once you are happy with the set up.

Step 4

The confirmation screen 
enables you to review all the information you entered/selected throughout the wizard. Click the Previous button if you need to revisit and amend sections. If all of the details are correct, click Finish to complete the process. 

Your newly created event will now be added to your Event Calendar and Event List views within the Events home page. It will not, however, be available for delegates to view within the catalogue until you publish it (see section below on Publishing the Event in the Catalogue).

If you select the tick box for Date and Time to be confirmed, the event will not be visible from the Event Calendar view but it will be listed in alphabetical order within the Event List view.

Clicking on your event in the Event Calendar or Event List will return you to the Management page where you will have access to all the related detail and can amend accordingly using the tabs on the left-hand side. 

Publishing the Event in a Catalogue

The Catalogues tab is where you can publish your event, making it available to users to browse and register onto from within Find Learning and the Events portlet on the Home Page.

Note: if Line Manager Approval check box was ticked a user will be able to request access and their line manager will be notified they have approvals waiting. Users will then be sent an email notification when their line manager accepts or rejects their request.
At the top of the page will be the different catalogues available. This determines who can view the activity. Everyone will have an Entire Organisation option as default, which means everyone in your organisation can view it. If you wish, you can have alternative catalogues configured thereby allowing you to only publish to specific audiences (please speak to your RM or Help Desk for further information). Tick the check box next to the appropriate catalogue(s) and click the green Save button.

Once you have ticked one or more catalogues and saved your event is published. To further assist the user to find the event while browsing in Find Learning you can use the categories below the heading Catalogue Structure.

The first category group under Catalogue Structure is called Library and creates the library structure you see shown on the left under the search field when browsing Find Learning (excluding any purchased content). You will only see the category in Find Learning if content has been tagged to it.

Any additional category groups shown below Library can be used to further 'tag' the content allowing users to filter activities in Find Learning according to how they have been tagged. For example, this could be by course format or skill level.

If the category you need for the event is not listed, click on the Create New link under the relevant category group.

Enter the name of the category in the field. If creating a new Library category, we would recommend uploading an image. This will then be displayed alongside the category in Find Learning.

Hover over the category and then select the pencil icon next to it.

Choose the image file to represent the Library category by clicking on Choose file. The image will automatically be resized upon upload. We also recommend adding a description for your category. There is no need to enter information in the Overview section as this will not be displayed. Once complete, scroll down to the bottom of the window to select the green Save button and click on the word Close to the right of the button.

It is not necessary to add images to any categories other than those under the Library Category Group as these will not be displayed anywhere.

Add an Event Survey

If you wish attendees to complete a post-event survey following attendance to gather feedback, you can attach one under the Event Survey tab.  You first need to create the Survey (see here) which must be uploaded to  your LMS. Our Helpdesk will be happy to assist you with this. 

Using the Activity Survey drop-down menu, select the survey you want to add.

You will see that two check boxes will now appear underneath the name of the survey.  Choose the appropriate options:

  • Survey completion is required – the attendee must complete the survey before the event registration can be marked as completed. This is a good way to ensure attendees complete the survey as the event will remain in their 'My Activities' until the survey has been completed even after they have been marked as attending the event. 
  • Allow survey attempt on attendance – the survey will not be available to the delegate until they have been marked as attended within the Event Register.

Then click on the Save Changes button.

Viewing and Adding Instructors

If any instructors have already been set up for the event, you will see them under the Instructors tab.

To add an Instructor to the event, click on the Add Instructor link within the Toolbox on the left-hand side near the bottom of the screen.  Please note that the Instructors must already have an account within the LMS before you can add them to the Event.

Use the box next to Filter to type in the Instructor's name and click Search to find them.

Select the radio button next to their name in the search results. You will see them added to the left of the screen. Click OK to add them as an Instructor.

If you need to add more than one Instructor, repeat the above instructions for each instructor.  

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