Creating New Activities

To create a new activity, navigate to your Content Manager, then click on the Create button and select the appropriate type of activity from the options listed. The options may vary from the screenshot below as they are determined by the specific functionality available to you within your Learning Management System.

Assessments* There is a full assessment building function within Unicorn LMS. Questions can be uploaded to Unicorn LMS via a CSV template to create banks of questions. Assessments can then be created from either one or more question banks. Questions can be updated by downloading the current bank of questions, updating them and then re-uploading them into Unicorn LMS. Any assessments that use the questions within those banks, whether already registered to a user or not, will benefit from the updated questions. This is a big advantage to having assessments built into eLearning courses, as it eliminates the need to create multiple versions of the same course on the LMS. A more detailed overview of the Assessment functionality can be provided upon request.
Documents* Unicorn LMS allows you to create standalone document activities, either by uploading the document to be hosted and launched from the LMS or via a link to a web based document that will launch through the LMS. The file extensions supported for upload are doc, docx, pdf, gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, tif, tiff, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx and txt.
eCreator Courses The eCreator is Unicorn LMS’s in-built authoring tool. Using a selection of professional looking templates any user with appropriate permissions on a Unicorn LMS site can create engaging content quickly and easily. eCreator courses can be exported from one Unicorn LMS site and uploaded onto another.
Events  and Event Programmes
The Unicorn LMS contains an event management system. Event programmes can be created to contain one or more individual events. Either an event programme or an individual event can be assigned to a user. Assigning an event programme containing multiple events on different dates or at different locations will enable the user to choose the correct event for them. Assigning an individual event to a user will add the event to the user’s training plan in order for them to see when and where they need to attend.Events can be tracked and reported upon in many ways and functionality exists to assist in the management of attendance. Further details can be provided upon request.
Forms* The forms functionality within Unicorn LMS allows you to create form templates; these are built by creating sections and items within the sections. There are a variety of section types and each section type contains a variety of item types. A workflow is applied to the form template which dictates who initiates a form and who it goes to at what stage. Once a template is completed this can then be published and individual forms can be created from the template. The forms function can be used to create forms used in an appraisal or T&C process amongst other things. A more detailed explanation of the different section and item types can be provided upon request.
Offline Activity Any number of learning activities might be conducted away from Unicorn LMS; this could be an external qualification or the attendance of a seminar. The offline activity provides the means to record any such activities in order that they can be stored as part of a user’s learning record.
Pathways In order to bring all of your content together in a powerful way, Unicorn LMS allows you to create learning Pathways. These pathways can be made up of multiple pieces of content or consist of other learning pathways, each containing further content. Learning Pathways can be thought of as the glue that binds everything within Unicorn LMS together.  For example, you could create an induction pathway that includes an eCreator course about financial regulations, a fire safety video and a PDF of the staff handbook.
Surveys Surveys can be created and attached to items such as eLearning or Events so that you can obtain feedback from users on how useful the activity was.
Import eLearning* Allows you to import AICC, SCORM or XAPI content that you have already created into the Unicorn LMS so that it can be assigned to users.
Upload Video/Audio* Allows you to import videos or audio so that it can be assigned to users.
*When uploading files for an activity, such as documents, videos, eLearning or audio, you are limited to a maximum file size of 330MB. Therefore, please ensure you have packaged your content appropriately to compress and reduce the file size prior to upload.

All uploaded content will be available to manage within the Content Manager area. All associated information such as course description and learning objectives may already be uploaded as part of the course file, however, this can be added and edited post upload if required.

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