This guide teaches you how to sort and make activities available in the Find Learning catalogue available to users on Unicorn LMS. The Catalogues tab is accessed by going to Content Manager, finding the activity you want to edit and then clicking Catalogues on the left hand side of the page.

If you want an activity to show in one of your Catalogues for Users when they browse the Find Learning area, you will need to use the Catalogues tab when creating/editing an activity to allocate it to the relevant catalogue and section.

First, you must choose which Organisation Library you wish the activity to be published to from the options at the top of the page. You may have requested a library be available only to certain groups of users, or be a read-only catalogue where self-registration has been deactivated.  To set up further Organisation Libraries please contact the Unicorn Help Desk.

Each client catalogue structure will vary however there will be at least two levels within any catalogue as demonstrated below.  You must select a catalogue in Library first, where you will choose from your company’s catalogue; you will see Business Essentials has been selected below. You must then make a selection in Subject, for instance Staff Development, as is selected below. If you have a CPD scheme applied to your Unicorn LMS site then you will also see a section where you can categorise the activity to the rules of your CPD scheme.

Towards the very bottom of the page you will see optional activity tags that can be associated with the activity. These will enable the user to filter the activities by the categories that you have created. Click Create New to create a new filter or category in each section.

The Save button must be used before navigating away from the page to accept any of the changes made.

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