Creating New Users Accounts

Refer to the Creating New Organisation Units guide before starting this process if the Organisation Unit you want to add the user to doesn't currently exist on the system. 

Click on Menu and click Organisations and Users.

Hover over the Organisation or Organisation unit in which you wish to register the new user then click on the + User icon (see image 1) or click on the Users tab and click on the New User button (see image 2).

Image 1

Image 2

You will be taken to the Registration Wizard.

Step 1

Complete the details for the user you wish to register. The Username must be unique (employee ID or email address are recommended) and you also need to enter their Email Address.

For the Password, you will need to either provide an initial password (minimum of 5 characters, ideally with a mix of upper and lower case characters with a number) or leave the password fields blank to generate a randomised password for the user (they will be able to change the password when they log in).

If you have accessed this area from the Users tab you will need to make sure the Organisation and Unit displayed at the foot of the form is the correct location for the user to be registered (as shown below). Click Change Unit if you need to amend this.   

Click on Next when you are happy with the User's details.

Should you choose a Username or Email Address that already exists, when you press Next, an error message will appear underneath the field to notify you. Amend the details so that they are unique in order to proceed to the next step.

Step 2

The second and final step of the wizard allows you to review the information you have entered. In addition, you can tick the box at the bottom of the screen in order to send a registration email to the user (you must check this box if you have chosen to allow a random password to be generated).  NB If your staff are accessing the system via single sign-on, you do not need to select this.

Click Previous if you need to go back and amend any details, otherwise click on Finish.

The user has now been created and you will automatically be taken to their profile where you will be prompted with the Common Tasks options. These will enable you to quickly Set user roles, Set Line Manager and even add training Activities to the new user.  You can also use the other tabs to add more information regarding the User.

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