How to create a plain text eCreator course

The eCreator Course functionality enables you to create and edit your own courses on the system using plain text as well as interactive templates, the usage of which can be tracked and therefore reported against. eCreator Course can be delivered to users online and also via email (Push Learning) where one page is sent by email each day.

Creating a plain text eCreator course 

Simply click on New eCreator course from the Content Manager Create New drop-down list. Then follow the instructions from the Details and Pages section below.

Managing existing eCreator courses

To review or edit existing eCreator courses, select eCreator Course from the Activity Types of Content Manager. You are then presented with a list of all available eCreator courses.

Locate the required eCreator course by navigating through the list in Content Manager then click on the course name.

As with all other activities, you will now be taken to the Common Tasks list within the activity management page of that eCreator Courses.

Details and Pages

The Details and pages section, as shown below, is where you can edit the course name and accompanying description. Make sure you click Update to save any changes you make here. At the foot of the screen you will see the list of Course Pages or sections that are included in the eCreator.

You can delete, edit and add course pages here as well as change the order in which they appear by clicking on the relevant links. To edit a course page, click on the relevant Page Title.

This will launch the window where you can edit details within the Page Title and contents. Ensure you click Update at the foot of the screen to save any changes you make.

It is also possible to upload documents as attachments to the eCreator Course. To do so simply click on the Upload a file link on the left hand side and follow the on screen instructions.

Please note that by default, users have the facility to add comments to each of the course pages. If you do not wish to allow this, make sure that you select the check box at the foot of the screen to disable comments for this page. Once again, click Update to save this change.

Returning to the Details and Pages section of the eCreator Course, should you wish to remove content from the eCreator Course, click on the [x] to the right of the course page in the list (see illustration below).

If you wish to add new content to the eCreator Course, click on the Add link which is above the list of course pages.

This will launch the window as shown below where you can enter the Page Title and contents before clicking Save to add the Course Page to the list on the previous screen. Use the up and down arrows to arrange your course pages in the appropriate order.

You can preview your eCreator Course at any time by clicking on the Preview link.

The remaining links within the left hand menu and the functionality that sits behind them are the same as those that appear when viewing a piece of eLearning, a programme or an assessment, with the exception of the Comments link which relates specifically to eCreator Course.

If the comments feature has been enabled, click on the Comments link to view any comments that have been left by users against each of the Course Pages.



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