Editing and Copying an Existing Report

If you are an Administrator or Reporting Administrator and wish to edit a report you have created or have permission to edit, you can do so simply by selecting the Edit button (see image 1) on the report home page or by clicking on the Edit Report link at the top of the screen (see image 2) once you have run the report.

Image 1

Image 2

It is not possible to edit a default report or custom report created by Unicorn or one that has been created by a colleague where you do not have permission to edit it.

However, Line Managers and Administrators can save a copy of the report and then make changes to the copy.

Copying a report

Run the report that you wish to edit and click the Save as link at the top of the report view page.

You have now created a copy of the original report which you are able to rename:

You can also tick the Share box at the bottom of the screen to make this new report available to other administrators and line managers. Only share the report once you have completed the editing process. Click on Finish.

Click the Select Parameters tab to change the parameters, then click on the Field Selection and Filter and Sorting tabs.  Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of each page if you have made amendments before moving on.

If you require further information about the tabs, please see the Creating a New Report guide.

When you are happy with the changes, click the Run Report near the bottom of the screen to check that the amendments you have made are correct.

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