Email Reminders

This area of the system enables you to communicate additional information about the activity you have assigned to your staff. For example, you may wish to use this facility to remind registered users why it is important to complete the activity by a certain date, and how to get their login details for the system if they have forgotten them.
Click on Menu and select Content Manager or Find Learning.

Search for the activity you would like to set up an email reminder for (the Search box will be in the same place no matter which route you used above).

Click on the Common Tasks button next to the content if you have used Find Learning or click on its link and then click on the Set email reminders link if you are using Content Manager.

Click on the Email Reminders tab on the right-hand side.

Click on the New Email button.

You will be taken to the Email Reminders wizard with 3 steps to complete.

Step 1

This step allows you to write a customised email reminder.  You can use the custom fields on the right hand side to automatically populate the email with key information such as first name, last name or activity name. To do this, double-click on one of the Custom fields items and it will be inserted into your message. An example of a customised email is shown below with the custom fields inserted into the text.

Click on the Send Test Email button to review the email before sending it to recipients (the test email is sent to the email address of the account that you are using).

If you are happy with the email (a copy of the above example is shown below), click the Next button at the bottom of the screen to progress to Step 2 of the wizard

Step 2

The options at this step allow you to determine the recipients of the email either by Selected Groups, Selected Categories and/or Completion Status.

You could choose to just send to everyone who has not yet completed the content by clicking on the Completion Status link and unticking the Completed box (see image 1). Alternatively, you could select a group of users, such as the HR department shown in image 2, by clicking on the links next to Groups or Categories. Email reminders can also be set up in this way to advise a whole department that this training has just been added to their My Activities portlet.

Image 1

Image 2

Click on the Next button when you are happy with the options you have chosen.

Step 3

This step allows to set up the frequency with which the email should be sent and whether it should be sent out immediately, at a date in the future, or just saved as a draft. It also allows you to select whether the Registered Users will receive the email or their Line Managers. NB if you use the Line Manager option, the users will not be collated onto one email and the manager will receive an email for each user who meets the criteria you have set. Click on Finish once you have selected the options you want. In the below example, the user has chosen to set up a reminder to be sent out to the Registered Users 14 days prior to the Due Date, to start immediately.

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