Viewing, Managing (Editing) and Creating Surveys

Viewing Surveys

If you already have surveys stored within the platform, these can be viewed through Content Manager.  

Hover over Menu and click on Content Manager.

Any existing Surveys will show under the Activity Types list  on the left-hand side (see image 1) although you can also use the Search (see image 2) box if you know its name.

Image 1

Image 2

Once you have located the Survey, click on its link to view it.

Managing (Editing) Existing Surveys

Navigate to the Survey you want to amend (see above section called Viewing Surveys).  The left-hand side menu will show you the different options available to you, such as the Survey Name (in the Details tab).  Click the tab you want to edit.

Creating Surveys

Hover over Menu and click on Content Manager.

Hover over the green Create button and choose New Survey.

The New Survey Wizard will load.  Complete the 3 steps to create the Survey.

Step 1 - Details

Complete the fields within the Details section in order to give the Survey a Name, Code (if required) and Description.  You can also choose whether a user can have an unlimited or limited Number of Attempts from the drop-down menu. Click on Next when complete.

Step 2 - Add Questions

You can divide the Survey into Sections by clicking on the Add Section button (you can rename the section by using the Edit link) and then clicking on the Add Questions button for each section if you wish.  

For example, you could add a Section called The Trainer, one called The Venue and one called Your Learning Outcomes and then add questions relevant to each section.  This could be extremely useful if you hired an external venue so that you could pass feedback regarding it to the person who booked it, such as the facilities manager.

Alternatively, you can keep it simpler by just adding the questions if it is merely to assess how effective the trainer was, for example.

At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to choose whether the section names should or shouldn't be displayed in the survey.  For this example, we'll un-check the box as we're just adding one section.

Once you have clicked onto the Add Questions button, the popup window will display all questions available to you.

To narrow the question results down, we can click on the appropriate Categories link at the top.

Select the questions you would like to use by ticking the box next to them or select them all by using the tick box at the top of the questions list (as below).  Click the Add and Close button when you have selected all of the questions you want to add.

NB you can also add questions from different Categories by clicking on Add instead and then navigating to another Category.  Keep repeating (if required) until you have added all of the questions and click on the Add and Close or Close button.

Your questions will be listed within the Wizard.  If you do not wish to show the section names in the survey, ensure that the the box at the bottom of the screen is not ticked. Click Next to continue to Step 3.

Step 3 - Confirm

This step will allow you to review the Survey you have created.  Click on Finish when you are happy.  You can click on the Previous button to return to any of the steps and amend the information.

The Survey will now be available for use within Content Manager.  See Viewing Surveys at the top of this guide if you are unsure how to get there.

Please note that once created, the Survey questions and structure cannot be edited. It is only possible to change the Survey name and code. If changes are required, a new survey should be created.

Event Surveys

You can also associate a post event survey with an Event in order to gather feedback. Create the survey, as explained above. Then, when viewing the Event Survey page, select the survey from the list within the dropdown menu and confirm your survey rules as follows:

  1. Survey completion is required – the delegate must complete the survey before the event registration can be marked as completed.

  2. Allow survey attempt on attendance – the survey will not be available to the delegate until they have been marked as attended within the Event Register. 

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