Managing Uploaded Content in the Content Manager

This guide explains the options available in the tabs menu (shown below) in Content Manager when viewing the administration area for a piece of content

If you are unsure how to navigate to this section of the site, please see the Accessing Content Manager guide.

Please note that the following table details all of the possible options that may be available however your site configuration will determine the tabs which are available and/or editable. 
Details This page allows you to enter or update details relating to the course description and learning objectives. If you do make changes, ensure that you click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Should you need to archive the content, you can do so by clicking on the Archive link - please see the Activity Archiving guide for further information.
Additional Information This area can be used to record any extra information which has not already been captured as part of the standard set up. Super-Administrators can control the additional information they want to record against activities within Site Settings. 

Please see the Activity Custom Fields guide for further information.
Users This page allows you to assign users to the content and view a list of users already assigned.  You can use the Show drop-down menu to show All, Registered, Pending Approval or Cancelled users.  You can also use the Any Status drop-down to filter by Not Attempted, Incomplete, Not Attempted/Incomplete or Completed statuses. Alternatively, you can search for an individual by name. 

Please see the Activity Registrations for further information regarding adding users to content and the Managing Users for Activities guide for cancelling or exempting users.
Ratings This page allows you to view and manage ratings for an activity.  The overall rating will be displayed, along with any comments.  For further information, please see the Activity Rating & Feedback and/or Administration for Activity Ratings guides.
Discussions This page allows discussions to be turned on or off for the content.  You can also choose who can participate and who the Expert(s) are for 'Ask the Expert' discussions.  If there is a discussion, details of it will be displayed here too.  The Discussion Forums & Ask the Expert Quick Start Guide gives an overview of this feature.
Advanced Settings The Advanced Settings enable you to control the time period for which the activity is available to users, whether they can self-register and whether the registration would require line manager approval. If CPD is being awarded for the activity, capping limits can be set here.
Catalogues If you want content to show in the Library for users to browse in the Find Learning area, you will need to use this area of the system to allocate it to the relevant catalogue and apply any relevant categories.  Each client catalogue structure will vary, however, there will be at least two levels within any catalogue.  If you have a CPD scheme applied to your Unicorn LMS, you will also see a section where you can categorise the activity to the rules of your CPD scheme.

For further information regarding publishing content to Catalogues, please see the Catalogues guide.
Email Reminders This page allows you to set up emails regarding the content and send them to your staff. For example, you could use this facility to remind registered users to complete the activity by a certain date.

Please see the Email Reminders guide to find out how to set these up.
Permissions This page allows you to manage permissions for other administrators to edit the content, if applicable.
Change Log This area is linked to the Addition Information section and refers only to changes made to the information recorded against this tab.
Certificate This page allows you to award a certificate on completion of the content.  See the How to Award Certificates for Activities guide for instructions.

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