Managing Users for Activities

Locate the Activity you need to manage Users on and click on its link.

Click on the Users tab on the left-hand side to display the Users currently registered onto that activity.

Search for a User

If the list is quite long for that particular activity and you only want to look at one or a small number of users, you can search for them using the search by name box.

Filter by Completion Status

Click on the dropdown list that says Any Status to filter the Users by Not Attempted, Incomplete, Not Attempted or Incomplete or Completed statuses.

Filter by Registration Status

Click on the dropdown list that says Registered to filter the Users by Registered, Pending Approval or Cancelled statuses.  

Manage the User

Check box next to the User's name. This will activate the actions dropdown menu, giving you the option to Set Due Date, Cancel the registration or Set Exemption.

See the How to Mark a User as Exempt from an Activity or How to Cancel a User from an Activity guides for more information.

Registering Users for Activities

Users can also be registered onto the activity by clicking on the Register button. See the Activity Registrations guide for more information.

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