My Team Activity

The My Team Activity area contains training activity related information for all your staff (both your direct reports and the staff that report to your direct reports) and can be accessed in two ways.

Accessing My Team Activity via the Portlet

The My Staff Activity portlet is only made available to you as a Line Manager and is located in the centre of the screen in screenshot below however as the location of Portlets is configurable, your site may be different. 

On the Home page, click on the My Team Activity portlet to gain access to the My Team Activity homepage.

Accessing My Team Activity via the Menu

Hover over Menu and click on My Staff Activity.

My Team Activity Homepage 

When you first launch the My Activity Homepage, it will default to show you the outstanding training activities assigned to all your staff, grouped by Pathway and sorted by Due Date.

You can change the View option to display the Individual Activities within each Pathway and change the Sort By selection to Activity Name, Completion Status or Person Name

Further filter options can be found within the Filters menu on the left hand side of the screen and you can narrow the results displayed further by clicking on the various options within the Categories menu, also on the left hand side of the screen.

 Each activity name is accompanied by an icon which, when hovered over, displays the activity type e.g. Pathway, as shown below.

Finally, you can Print and Download the view you have generated via the links within the left-hand side Toolbox.

My Staff Activity Portlet in Detail

Clicking on the arrow within the portlet will display a list of your Direct Reports who have been assigned training activities on the system which are Outstanding.

The number of outstanding activities relating to each member of staff will be displayed and the traffic light icons on the right hand side provide a visual indicator of each individual’s progress towards the completion of all their activities. The colours shown represent the following statuses:
  The user has not started any of the outstanding activities assigned to them
  The outstanding activities assigned to the user are in progress
  The activities assigned to the user are past their due date for completion
  The user has completed all activities assigned to them (NB this will not show on the Home Page portlet as it is filtered to Outstanding Activities only. Click on the Staff Activity area to filter on Completed activities)

To view a User's profile, click on their name.  You can view and manage all of their system information via the links in the left-hand menu, as shown below.

Click on the number of activities instead to be taken to the Staff Activity area, where you can view a more detailed overview of their Outstanding Activities and the page will be automatically filtered for that User only, as opposed to clicking on the My Staff Activity portlet or link, which will show you your Direct Reports and their Direct Reports.

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