Registering Users on to Activities

Video Guides

Would you prefer to watch a video on how to do this?  If so, please see the Registering Specific Users or, for an example on setting up a Registration Rule, please see the Registration Rules - New Joiners guide.

Step-by-Step Guide

Locate the activity using Find Learning or Content Manager and click on its title. See Using 'Find Learning' & Self-registering for Activities or Accessing Content Manager if you're unsure how to do this.

Click on the Users tab on the left-hand side. A list of user(s) who are already registered onto the activity will be displayed, along with the date they were registered, completion status and due date.  

Click on the Register button to add the new user(s) to an activity.

You will now need to complete 3 steps to add the user(s).

Step 1

To search by specific user(s) by name, select the Specific users radio button or to register users in bulk (for example, a whole unit), click on the Registration Rule radio button.  

The rest of this guide will look at registering specific users only.  If you would like to look at how to set up a registration rule, please see the Registration Rules guide.

Click Next when you have made your selection.

Step 2

You can search for specific users by name using the search box, then ticking the box next to their name to select them:

If you have a large organisation and need to select whole units, you can click the Unit dropdown menu, choose the Unit, then select the users by ticking the boxes next to their names (as shown above) or by ticking the Select all on current page at the top of the Users.

Click on Next when all of the Users have been added.

Step 3

You will now be able to set a due date for the activity (if you wish) by ticking the Set due date box under the Due Date heading and choosing the date using the parameters (e.g. allowing the system to specify the due date based on the date the activity is assigned).  If you wish, you can also choose to Reset Progress (back to 'not started') for any existing registrations by ticking the box under the Existing Registrations heading.

Click Finish when complete.  

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