Reports Homepage

Navigate to the Menu and click onto Reports.

A list of pre-set reports that are available to all administrators and line managers will be displayed, as shown below, unless you have set up any favourite reports, in which case these will displayed instead. 

The current view can be changed by clicking on the View dropdown menu.

No matter which view you are in, clicking the Info link next to any of the reports will provide you with details of when it was created, the data source that was used and the Categories it has been tagged to.

In addition, although the description for each report is displayed next to its name, you can click on the More link to read its full description.

If the report has been scheduled as a regular email, this will be displayed next to the report in the Schedule column.  Alternatively, click on the None link to create a New Scheduled Email.

To edit a report that you have previously created or that you have permission to edit, click on the Edit button.

If the reports list is too long, you can use the Audience Categories links on the left-hand side to filter the results or Search for a report by name.

Now you understand the Reports Home page, the following guide will show you how to Run a Report.

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